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[Made by Celestial Games and Zero Degrees Games]

Greetings, social networking diploma graduate, and congratulations on your fine choice to turn your love of social networking into An Exciting Career™!

At Ludum Dynamics, we are always on the search for young, talented individuals such as yourself to Grab Life By The Horns™ and Be The Change You Want To See In The World™! You know what you want and you want it now. You want job security. You want the freedom to Be Your Own Boss™. You want a career in public relations, online marketing, and Freedom of Expression™. You want to Choose Your Own Hours™. You want to live Close To Amenities™. You want to Work From Home™.
The great news is that all of this is possible at Ludum Dynamics. So come, join us today, and Be Your Own Boss™. Simply download this handy application form and before you know it, you'll be raking in the cash, and eating all the Angel Chicken Pasta™ you could ever want!

About the game
Ludum Dynamics is a first-person narrative exploration experience set in one room (technically). It was made for the Ludum Dare 37 Jam by five team members: Travis Bulford (programming), Nico Schoeman (programming), Kobus Van Der Walt (programming), Geoff Burrows (3D art), and Duncan Bell (2D and UI art).


Ludum Dynamics (TM) 56 MB

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