Don't Sweat It! was created for the Extra Credits Holiday 2018 Jam. The theme was "Present", which I interpreted as a game in which you control a character giving a presentation to a boardroom full of lifeless decision makers.

Let's synergize!

Controls: left and right cursor keys, or tap the screen to move.

Mute and fullscreen buttons are at the bottom corners.

Tools used: Construct 2, Aseprite, BeepBox, Bfxr

Development log


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I enjoyed this very much. The sweat particles were a fabulous touch. 

Haha, thanks! Those sweat particles are probably my favorite part of the game :P

A simple but well realized idea, good aesthetic, convincing music and sounds, I pretty much liked it, good job! ^^

Much appreciated!

I LOVE THE ARTWORK! :D thanks for the game! it gave me some nice monkey island game (a game that I hold deep in my heart)

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)